I'd heard great things about MUA so a couple of months ago i decided to drop by the makeup stand in Superdrug. I was, however, in a tad of rush so i didn't get the opportunity  to browse for long. I was immediately drawn to the lipsticks and so quickly began looking through a few of the shades. Unfortunately for me, being too slow in checking out MUA, there were only a small amount of lipsticks still left at that particular stand. I did still find one that i wanted, with it only costing £1, yes 1 sole quid, i wasn't so bothered that it wasn't entirely right anyway! In my haste to get away, i ended up picking up the wrong shade. The lipstick i somehow managed to buy isn't the usual colour i would go for- shade 9. Its quite a dark, berry shade (a little vampy) when on the lips and although i do like the way it looks, i wouldn't have the confidence to wear it out in public. I have however, realised how good MUA products are for the price, along with many people's reviews and opinions on the brand. 
The lipstick itself is well pigmented and feels very nourishing and moisturising when on the lips! The packaging also is very surprising, feeling more expensive than the price tag itself. It also has a colour swatch on one end of the packaging, (something mac lipsticks don't have) a very useful feature when storing lipsticks! Although i do think that the colour looks different in the tube than when actually on the lips. Overall, i have been pleasantly surprised by this lipstick so will definitely be looking to buy lots more MUA products and with most only costing a pound, what could go wrong?!