My nails aren't in the best of conditions at all at the minute and so a manicure is definitely in order. Although i always tell myself not to, i do bite my nails and the only way for me not to bite them is to have them painted. So, i thought i'd share my routine for when i want to pamper myself with a manicure! Perfect for a Sunday night!
What you need:
- Nail Scissors
- Hand Cream- Amber Heaven Nourishing Hand Cream
- Nail File
- Cuticle Pusher
- Base Coat- Boots Essentials Base Coat
- Nail Varnish- Rimmel Pro 293 Pop Rose
- Top Coat- Nails Inc Top Coat
- Nail Varnish Remover
- Cotton Wool Pads
- Nail Cube

Step 1)
First of all you want to wash your hands and use a nail scrub to get your hands and nails clean, giving a good base for the start of your manicure.
Step 2)
Use a hand cream of your choice to moisturise your hands, leaving them feeling soft and refreshed.
Step 3)
Use scissors to cut nails wherever needed and also to remove any dirt from underneath the nail.
Step 4) 
File and shape the nail to the shape you want.
Step 5)
Push your cuticles back using the cuticle pusher.


Step 6)
Use the nail varnish remover to remove any dirt from the nail, any remaining polish and leave the nail with a clean base
Step seven (my no. seven button doesn't work)
Use step 3, 4 and 5 on the nail cube to remove ridges, smooth the nail and shine the nail.

Step 8)
Apply a base coat to prevent any staining from the nail varnish.

Step 9)
Apply two coats of your preferred nail varnish making sure each is dry before applying the next layer.
Step 10)
Apply a top coat to give a glossy finish and help the nail varnish stay as long as possible.

The Colour is coming out much more bright when in fact it is more of a muted pink!