I received a set of the Ruby Hammer Nail polishes as a present a while back and was really looking forward to using them as I'd seen Ruby Hammer a lot on T.V and had always thought she was a great make up artist, so i was expecting good quality nail varnishes. I was wrong (dramatic!) 
Shit quality i know, I'm sorry!

The set comes with 6 polishes with a really nice colour range (another reason to feel growing expectation) which also included a glittery top coat. However this is where the positivity ends...First of all i found that none of the colours had any intensity, probably down to the watery consistency, and you had to do a number of coats for it to look anything like what it does in the bottle. As their drying, the polishes have a nice finish, quite shiny and glossy but once they dries it loses this and just looks really unattractive, though its really hard to put into words the finish of it. Even with my favourite top coat on it doesn't look glossy, which normally works a treat!

The next problem is with how long it lasts. After barely any time, a day or so the nail varnish either peels all the way off in one go or chips a hell of a lot. This is one thing i find extremely annoying and frustrating! The glittery nail polish, however, was one i did like as i loved to glam up any colour with a sparkly finish. After forgetting about having this for a couple of months i rediscovered it and was excited to use it again, until i opened it and was shocked about how gloopy and totally unusable it was. Now, a month or so after that it has completely dried up and i don't know whether its because its glittery its dried up that much but I've never known a varnish become unusable so soon.

I really don't want to dislike these as i love the colours but every time i use them i get the same sense of annoyment, sorry Ruby Hammer! :(