Over the past few weeks, months even, I've come to love 2 products for the shower which try and help me achieve glowing, soft and great smelling skin.

Anatomicals Don't Just Clean It Woman, Scrub It Body Scrub
You might have seen me mention this product before as i received it, like many people probably did, in a glossybox a fair few months ago. Ever since i got it, I've continued to use it week after week. I do use other scrubs as well, yet i always come back to this one as it is more of a daily scrub so a lot less harsh than others and doesn't leave any residue making it perfect for everyday use. I really love the packaging and the name, its all so simple yet really cute. I also love the smell of pink grapefruit which makes it great to use in the morning, to help wake you up. Asides from all that, it is a really good scrub. It lathers well and generally just feels like its doing a good job on my skin.

Mandara Spa Amber Heaven Conditioning Bath and Shower Cream
First of all this smells AMAZING! I got this as a present in a set along with a body cream and scrub which all have the same gorgeous smell of Sandalwood and Patchouli. This can be used just swirled in the bath or as a shower gel (cream) which is what I've been loving. If you ever get the chance, give it a good whiff as I'm sure you'll love it.