I feel like im writing so many nail polish related posts recently but having constantly painted nails is my current obession. A new nail polish ive been trying out is Headline Colors in Gunmetal after getting it in a glossybox and on first impressions, it feels like its going to be a hit. Now if you know me, black nails in the autumn and winter is an essential and i find myself always reaching for that dark bottle and a glossy topcoat to give a sort of sexy and mysterious look. Some people would never wear black nails but done right, i love the way it looks. This nail polish offers something slightly different from the full on black. It has touches of grey in it and also a small amount of sparkle to give a bit of light and dimension in a normally very 'flat' colour. The polish itself applies really well too and with two coats, there is really good intensity. It also lasts a reasonable amount of time, not the best but by far not the worst. For some reason, the simplicity of the bottle and packaging is something that i love as well. 

So on first look, ive been really impressed with this Headline Colors nail polish and after looking on their website, im immediately drawn to so many of their other colours. £9 is not bad for a good nail varnish, although from already stacking up a fair list of colours i want from there, my pocket will be feeling a hell of a lot lighter soon!