I wouldnt say this is a review, more of a general natter about a product that ive been reaching for everyday. Im quite late on the scene (as always) but i'd fancied getting my hands on it since the release and when there was a 30% sale on Borjouis on Asos, i couldnt resist. (My Asos addiction has got seriously out of hand- i need help!) 
I dont know what it is about it, but i havent been able to do my makeup without using this. The way ive been applying it is after foundation but before powder and just to slightly contour/bronze before my beloved Nars Laguna. I love the super soft texture, making it easily blendable and i literally only have to dab my brush in (Real Techniques Contour Brush has been my brush of choice) to get enough of the product. I have a feeling it is going to last me a while.
Another thing i love about it is the smell. Yes, weird i know. For some reason that slight sunscreeny smell just draws me in and even now as im writing this post i keep on grabbing it, smelling it, then repeating continuosly.
At £9.99 it is a great alternative to the Chanel Tan De Soleil and if you manage to pick it up on offer like i did, its even more of a bargain!