Whilst at the airport a few weeks ago, i was picking out magazines to read on the plane and i noticed that Glamour Magazines (which i like anyway) free gift was the Eyeko Skinny Liquid Eyeliner. I've never actually bought anything from Eyeko but I've heard great things and with the magazine costing only £2 with a gift that retails at £12, this was not something to miss out on. 

The description on the pen is 'For precise lines, smudge proof colour and easy application'. Two out of the 3 descriptions i agree with, one frustratingly i don't.

I tested it out on my hand on the plane and i thought i was on to a winner. It applied really easily and when i rubbed my hand only a couple of seconds after applying it did not budge one bit. 

I then applied it to my eyes the next day, finding it so easy to apply, with it having a felt tip applicator with a thin tip. It made it quick and stress free to apply liquid eyeliner to a novice like me, especially with eyes that can only take thin eyeliner. 

However by the end of the day, i had eyeliner smudged all over my eyelids up to my brows and under my eyes and it looked god damn awful. Unfortunately not smudge proof. Although i do sometimes get oily eyelids i couldn't believe how different it seemed from when i swatched it on the back of my hand and it wouldn't budge. I therefore maybe thought it was due to being on holiday and it being hot and humid. However since testing it when being back, the same thing just keeps on happening. 

It is therefore unusable for me which is so annoying as it is the easiest liquid eyeliner I've found to apply although it may work for people with drier eyelids. 

Has anyone else tried this eyeliner? Did you have the same problem?