On request, i received this eyeshadow palette for Christmas, wow that seems like a long time ago! Since then, i have used this palette almost everyday in some way or another, which is a testament to how much i like it.

This is the cooler toned, newer version of the original Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette which i own and also love. Sometimes, i think that cooler toned eye-shadows actually suit me better, especially when i'm wanting a really natural daytime look. 
Once again Naked Basics 2 comes in the same packaging as the original, making it perfect for travelling and containing 6 eyeshadows; 1 satin and 5 mattes. However, unfortunately for me, only 4 mattes. When i opened it, undone, the darkest shade in the palette, was smashed and although i did try to use it for a few days it would just spill everywhere and make a mess. This was probably due to it spending its early life in a suitcase. I wasn't that bothered when i first saw as i thought it would be the shade i would use the least however since then i often find myself wanting definition at the lash line and thinking black is too dark but primal (the second darkest shade in the palette) isn't quite dark enough. However there are much worse things in life that could be wrong, so i'm not complaining!

The shades skimp, frisk and cover are my most used and are perfect for my quick, everyday look. I first use frisk for my eyebrows. I find that this shade is perfect for my fair eyebrows, adding definition but still looking natural as it has no red/ brown in it. I actually used to use Naked 2 from the original Naked Basics Palette (before getting scared i would run out) as they are similar shades, with frisk being more grey toned, however they both work perfectly. 

For my eyes i like to put skimp, the satin shade, all over the lid and under the brow to highlight and then work cover into my crease and outer corner, often with the Real Techniques Essential Crease Brush as it is perfect for my small eyes. I then mix a bit of frisk with cover and smudge that under my lower lash line for a lil' bit of definition. And that's that! My everyday eyeshadow done, in under 2 minutes!

Catherine x