The second product to be featured in this series is Nars Nico, a 'blusher' which really isn't a blusher but can be used in a multitude of ways; to set, fix and highlight.

In the pan it's a light beige colour, with very and i mean very, small shimmers in it. I use it when i want a really natural daytime highlight, to just bring a touch of a glow to my cheekbones. It's therefore perfect for anyone just getting into highlighters and scared to go in at the deep end with lets say, theBalm Mary-Lou Manizer. 

In the same way I use it as a highlight on my cheekbones due to the subtle shimmer, I also use it on the under eye area to brighten and set my concealer. If i've applied too much blusher or gone for a heavy look on the cheeks (bronzer, contour, blusher, highlighter) then i'll use this to blend it all together and just give a softer appearance. 

Nars Nico is also great as an eyeshadow, when you want a wash of colour over the lids.
It's definitely not a must buy due to the high price, but if you're like me and are a Nars lover then maybe check this out on your next beauty spree. It might not look exciting in the pan but you won't be disappointed. Check it out on Amazon:

Have you tried Nars Nico? What do you think? Let me know in the comments!
Catherine x