liquid highlighter

swatch of liquid highlighter

When i was sifting through my makeup collection the other day, i realised how much of a fan I am of liquid and cream highlighters. More often than not, when doing my makeup i reach for them over a powder highlighter. Liquids and cream highlighters give much more of a glow and luminosity, almost from within the skin, that you just can't get with a powder. 

When looking at my liquid highlighters, two stood out; Nars Copacabana Illuminator and Benefit High Beam. Both are beautiful, quite similar in fact, and blend out really well whether you use your fingers, a brush or a beauty blender. I find that you only need the tiniest amount, so especially for Copacabana where it comes in a big tube, it will last ages. I also like the versatility of liquid highlighters. You can mix a little in with your foundation or moisturiser for a more glowy finish or even apply it like a primer.
The only downside to liquid highlighters? I find they can be a little time consuming and sometimes messy to apply.

I still love to use powder highlighters, such as the Balm Mary LouManizer or Nars Albatross, that give a kind of dazzling effect to the cheeks, but for general every day makeup, a liquid or cream is my preferred choice. 

Which do you prefer? Liquid or powder?

Catherine x