Fake tan
I use Bondi Sands with my St.Tropez mitt

I'd never been a massive fake tan lover until recently. Because I am naturally pretty pale, I always used to use gravitate towards body moisturisers with a hint of self tan in, mainly because I was scared of looking orange and wanted something natural. However, I was/am rubbish at keeping up with moisturising my body! When I had tried a *proper* fake tan, it was always one of the cheaper options on the shelf and therefore would just end up looking streaky.

However, after getting fed up of how pale I was, I watched a few fake tan routines on YouTube and decided to bite the bullet and buy the Bondi Sands Self Tanning Foam. For some reason I always thought this was going to be expensive however I was pleasantly surprised to see it only retails at £14.99. I actually bought it when it was on offer so i got it for around the £11 mark, even better!

I bought the light/medium shade and had read that it was quite light, but still kept it on for only 3/4 hours the first time I used it just in-case. I now leave it on all night and wash it off in the morning, to get a darker and longer lasting tan and I love it! I am a massive self tan convert. I love the colour, it never streaks (always use a mitt), i don't find it stains my sheets and i really like the coconut smell. It also fades so nicely and I am never left with patches even after 5/6 days. 

I now fake tan almost every week and i'm even considering getting the dark shade for the summer. If anyone else is wanting to get into fake tanning but is apprehensive i would highly recommend Bondi Sands! 

What's your favourite fake-tan?

Catherine x