Makeup organisation and storage is an important part of having makeup, for me anyway. I like to be able to see everything clearly yet it still look good. Although i'm not perfectly happy with how the rest of my makeup is stored, i am happy with the organisation of my lipsticks, my favourite makeup items. 

I bought this red, coca cola vintage tin maybe 2 or 3 years ago from Amazon and i love it. I think it adds something different and interesting to the standard, boring organisation and being red, goes along with the colour scheme of my room. Whats more, it cost less than a tenner! I cant remember the exact price but i think it was in the £5-£8 bracket, a bargain i think. 

There are all sorts of designs and styles on Amazon and Ebay for really good prices, perfect if you're looking for new ways to organise your beloved collection.

Don't forget to share your favourite storage tips in the comments!

Catherine x