My mum and I both love Nails Inc and the other day she came home after shopping with this little beauty saying it was for us both to share, aahhh love! The collection features 6 minis in a range of gorgeous colours, from nude to coral to mint green, it will suit everyone's tastes. 

I immediately gravitated towards Regents Place as i've been wanting a colour like this for a while. I would describe it as a slightly muted bright blue and therefore i feel its something slightly more 'grown up' than a bright, bright blue.

In truth, the past few weeks maybe even months i've been really lazy with my nails, not being bothered to paint them and also biting them loads, not good! So, i was in desperate need of a good old manicure. After filing, buffing and all that jazz i applied a base coat, Sally Hansen. This is actually a double duty polish, being both a base and top coat. I personally love this as its much cheaper than buying them separate. It is also really good and unlike with other base and top coats, it has lasted a long time without going gloopy. Now on to the actual colour. Like all Nails Inc nail polishes it applied well, due to it being a mini size the brush was quite small, however i don't mind this as I have small nails. Someone with much longer nails may find it a bit more difficult, but it worked for me. One coat probably would have been fine however i always like to make sure and do two, just to be on the safe side. I then reapplied the Sally Hansen polish and waited for it to dry and bobs your uncle, glossy summery nails. 

I've now had it on for over 3 days and there has been no chipping at all, exactly what i like to see! The collection costs £29 and so far i've been really pleased with it. I'm looking forward to trying some of the other nail polishes now!

Catherine x