When i heard about this, i was so interested to try it. For a lazy fake tanner like me, it seemed like the perfect way to add colour without having to make sure you've perfectly exfoliated, moisturised and then evenly applied fake tan which to me is a hassle. After it seemingly being sold out everywhere i finally managed to pick it up in Boots a few weeks ago and have since tested it out a few times. 

My lowdown;

It's definitely a gradual tan and only adds a hint of colour with one application however after 2-3 applications over a few days it builds to a darker yet still natural looking tan. Even with a mitt, i still sometimes get the occasional streak however the times i've used this there has been no streaks, no lines, nothing! Which is probably what i like most about it. It's easy to apply, it just feels like your putting on a normal body wash and doesn't really have much of a smell.

The downsides are it really is a gradual tan, no good for anyone wanting an instant hit of colour. Although application is easy, it is also strange. The first time i used it i kept the shower running and stood in the corner as my shower is big enough for that however i felt like it was a waste of water. Turning the shower off as suggested on the bottle, you have the problem of being cold for 3 minutes. There is also the issue of knowing when 3 minutes is up, i resulted to counting in my head haha. Although it doesn't sound like a long time, it does go a lot slower when your stood there. 

Despite that, overall i do like it and i can bear standing in the cold for 3 awkward minutes for a easy, streak free, natural looking tan.

Have you tried it yet? What do you think?

Catherine x