When i was little, i used to spend hours designing clothes, outfits, the hair and makeup to go with each outfit, basically an on the page fashion show. None of it was any good, i was only 10, 11, 12, but i really enjoyed doing it. Throughout school i always enjoyed my textiles (basically sewing) classes and chose textiles as one of my four options at G.C.S.E (exams/qualifications you do at 15/16). This was where i stopped enjoying making things on a sewing machine, partially due to the stresses of it actually counting towards something and partially due to a teacher that made it more stressful than it should be. Since finishing my last piece a good 3 years ago, i haven't touched my sewing machine. Having finished my first year of university and having much more spare time i suddenly had the urge to get out my sewing machine, my bags of material that i'd forgot i had and make something. 

After testing out the stitches and making sure i could remember what to do, i found some red tartan and set about making a cushion; something easy but actually useful.  short time later and voila! a cushion is made. I really enjoyed getting my creative side out again and i'll definitely be embarking on more sewing based little projects in the next few weeks.
I'm moving in to my student house in September and having black, leather sofas this cushion will go perfectly. Time to start making more!