£1.99 lashes that are natural, have a thin band and are easy to put on? Let me introduce you to Amazing Shine. 

For me, eyelashes are something i don't particularly like spending a lot of money on. I usually buy lashes around the £5 mark from the likes of Eyelure and Millie Mackintosh, and i really like them however spending a fiver on something your only going to use a couple of times adds up, especially on a student budget.

I've heard of Amazing Shine Eyelashes for a few years now; Pixiwoo have used them in their videos for a long time, and if they recommend something, i generally trust their opinion. They said they buy them from a little shop near their studio and i much prefer buying lashes when you can actually see them however i've never seen them in shops nearby me and so i took to looking online. You had to buy them in bulk from a lot of the websites i'd seen and on the actual Amazing Shine website it crashed on me, declining my payment and therefore i was wary of trying it again. I then found Colour Cosmetics and went ahead placing an order of 4 different styles that seemed the most 'me'. However there are loads of different styles, from natural to pretty wacky show lashes. They're made from 100% human hair so they look a lot more 'real' and feel comfortable on the eyes. The thin band means their easy to put on and you don't have to draw a thick liquid liner on your eyes to cover it up. With good glue they'll last all night (or day!) and they can be used a couple of times.

I got the numbers 12, 110, 606 & 747-S. The 747-S is actually a very good dupe for the Mac No. 4 Lash, only around £8 cheaper. If your into your lashes i'd definitely recommend trying these. 

Have you used Amazing Shine before? What do you think?

Catherine x