We're quickly heading towards summer where bases get a little lighter, lipsticks get a little brighter and I go a little heavy on the bronzer! I've picked out a few makeup items that'll serve you well through this transition period from spring to summer. Talking of summer- let's have a good one please?

It all starts with the base and generally something lighter, with less coverage is my go-to. But first of all this gal needs primer, makeup seems to just disappear from my face so anything that claims to help it last longer, i'm down for. The PUR Correcting Primer Illuminate & Glow does what it says on the bottle- gives the face a natural radiance but also gives a little bit of colour. So if you've got great skin that doesn't need much coverage or your heading to the beach and just want a lil something something' on your face, this could be your guy. 

When my skin is behaving better in the summer months I love the Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum Foundation. It's definitely a light coverage but it just makes your skin look like skin, which I looove. I also like mixing my foundations so if i'm ever having a bad skin day (i.e quite a lot), I mix it with one of my heavier duty foundations. Overall this is a lovely light foundation perfect for the Summer months (and has a nice smell!).

Spring/summer is when I bring out the cream products. You just can't go wrong with a cream blush when you want your cheeks giving off that rosy, flushed vibe. The Stila Convertible Cream Colours are so pigmented you need the tiniest amount. It's easy to apply, blends in smoothly and doesn't rub your foundation off underneath. It also doubles up as a quick and easy lip tint. I love the shade peach blossom for a peachy glow to the cheeks.

What spring/summer makeup is complete without the signature coral/orange lipstick. Here's three to pick from depending on how bright and daring you wanna go. For the brightest of brightest shades you can't go wrong with Topshop's Lipstick in Infrared. This looks amazing in the summer with a tan, glowy skin and just mascara on the eyes. If you don't wanna rock the full on orange lip, the Rimmel Kate Moss Lipstick in No.12 is a good pick. It still has that orange vibe, but has a much more red undertone, making it less 'out there'. Finally, for a sheerer, glossier and much more coral lip look, the Bourjois Rouge Edition Lipstick in No.03 is the one for you. 

What are your spring to summer makeup picks?
 Catherine x