I don't think there's ever a time where I don't have a list of makeup i'm swooning over. However in an attempt to save money, I try to limit myself to only a few new makeup items a month, usually the essentials. So here's a wishlist of my current makeup wants and maybe needs 😉.

  • Nars is one of my favourite makeup brands, everything i've bought from there i've loved! I've wanted this eyeshadow duo in Isolde for a while but never got round to buying it. It'll give the perfect bronze eye look which is my go-to!

  • On the less expensive side we've got the Bourjois Radiance Reveal Concealer. This is meant to be great at brightening the under eyes (as the name suggests), and anything that will help cover up my blue/purple under eyes is a must try!

  • The final item on my current wishlist is the Original Beauty Blender. I use the Real Techniques sponge which is a lot cheaper and I really like, however I do wanna try the original since so many people rave about it. But £17 for a sponge??

What's on your current makeup wishlist?

Catherine x