Current favourite books

Once again as we head towards the Summer months i'm getting into reading again. 3 years ago I wrote about rediscovering a love with reading and vouched to get my head stuck in a good book much more regularly again. Guess what? I read 2/3 books in the couple of months after that post and then didn't properly pick up another one til this year- dammit! My want to read again has come after realising I spend far too much time on the internet and on my laptop, I need a break from it all. And therefore instead of putting on a YouTube video to help me fall asleep i'm going to close my laptop, move my phone *not too* far away and read a book instead. Here are a new stack of books that i've either read or i'm excited to read and maybe it'll give you the inspiration to close YouTube or Netflix once in a while- I know, shocking!

The Company of Shadows- If you want a book that'll ignite your passion for reading again, this is the one. I barely put it down, I was taking it everywhere with me. It has so many twists and turns you'll just not know how to stop reading. The synopsis? A woman spots her dead husband in the background of a recent photograph and goes on a trail from Miami to Sicily to track down the man. 

We Were Liars- I think this could be the marmite version of a book. Some people seem to love it, some people seem to hate it. I liked it. It's just over 200 pages long, so not a daunting prospect if you haven't read a book in ages. Still, I barely put it down and read it in not much more than a day- always a good sign! Towards the end I began expecting what was happening next, feeling a bit smug but then bam! The plot twist at the end totally caught me out. I was left reading extracts again trying to find clues of how I missed this. 

Say Goodbye- I'm only part way through this book but i'm enjoying it. It's starting to pick up, get more intense and gripping, and i'm starting to not want to put it down. If you like thrillers this may be the one for you- the story delves you deep into the mind of a serial killer. It apparently gets more chilling, intense and even a little disturbing, and i'm excited to carry on reading. Side note: what does that say about me??

Do you have any book recommendations?