NYX Cosmic Metal Lipsticks

For Christmas, I received the NYX matte vs metals lip vault. When putting it on my Christmas list, I already knew I liked the liquid suede lipsticks but I was so interested in finding out whether I liked the cosmetic metal shades. I'd never tried metallic lips before! There are six metallic shades in the vault, ranging from a gold to a dark, holographic brown... 
Galactic Love
Speed of Light
Crystalized Metal
Metropolitan Night

They apply really easily, which I was somewhat surprised at, gliding on smoothly and evenly. Some of the shades, such as Crystailized Metal, look and feel like glossy lips rather than metallic, which i'm not opposed to. They're definitely not drying, even after applying and then removing all six shades, my lips still felt soft and nourished. I think they look amazing with very simple makeup; matte skin, a lil bit of bronzer, and nothing on the eyes except for lashings of mascara. 

Overall, I wouldn't wear these metallic shades on an everyday basis, but for a night out, a party, or if you're feeling particularly daring I definitely would give them a go. It's nice to mix it up and ditch a matte lip every now and then.