Inglot Stippling Brush

For years, I've applied my foundation with either a buffing brush, AKA the Real Techniques buffing brush / expert face brush, or a beauty blender. I've generally always preferred how quick these options blend my foundation seamlessly, and give a nice finish. A couple of weeks ago, when doing my makeup, I decided to shake things up a little and use something different- wild I know! 

I was sifting through my brushes and came across the Inglot 27TG, basically a large stippling brush. I'd not used this for a good couple of years. Stippling brushes had been all the rage in the early blogging days, however I'd always found that they didn't give me as much coverage and that's not what a gal with problematic skin wants. Nevertheless when I tried this, I was shook! It was blending quickly, giving me such good coverage and leaving a lovely finish. Since then, it's been the only brush I've been applying my foundation with, so definitely a new favourite for July! My only gripe with it is that it sometimes sheds and leaves little black hairs on my face. Other than that, i'm loving the stippling brush life. I feel so 2012. 

What do you think about stippling brushes?