I recently took a trip to Boots to pick up a few essentials. It's only a small haul, but it's got a lil bit of everything... makeup, skincare, body. Hope you enjoy seeing what I picked up!

Sukin Oil Balancing Mattifying Facial Moisturiser

I'm one of those annoying people who uses a product until its nearly done, then moves on to something new, rarely properly finishing a product. This is no different with moisturises, i've been switching back and forth, trying to find something to clear up my spots. So, I've recently been on a mission to use up my collection of moisturises to the last drop before I could purchase something new. A sort of de-cluttering. I did that, then was in search of something new. I did a lil research and had a few products in mind, but when I was browsing the skincare section I came across Sukin. I'd not heard much about Sukin but the packaging, the properties in it and the pretty good price, led me to biting the bullet and trying this. I've used it for a few days now, and it could just be coincidence, but my spots and scars are beginning to fade. We could be on to a winner! I'll do a full review in a few weeks once i've properly put it to the test. 

Soap and Glory Clean on Me

In the same sense to the moisturises, I was running pretty low on Clean on Me, my fave shower gel of all time! I decided I was going to declutter, and use up all my other shower gels before repurchasing this. If you've not tried Clean on Me, you must! It leaves my skin feeling so soft, like i've but body cream on. It's my must use before fake tanning as I know i'm not going to have patchy tan or dry patches. 

Maybelline Lash Sensational Lash Multiplying Mascara

Another repurchase of an old fave. I was going to try a new drugstore mascara but didn't want to buy something that was a total flop, so stuck with what I know and love. 

Maybelline Instant Anti Age Erase Concealer- 00 Ivory

When this concealer was all the rage a few years ago I bought it in what was then the lightest shade in the UK- it was not light at all. I never really got the hype, but that was probably due to it being too dark for me. I'm excited to properly put it to work now.

Wilkinson Sword Intuiton Fab Razor

An exciting purchase I know... I needed a new razor and saw this, which I think is new. It's meant to be much better for your skin when shaving back and forth so I thought why not give it a go. It was half price too, you can't go wrong!

And that's the latest items I picked up on my dash to Boots. 
Have you got any beauty recommendations?