I was recently gifted this palette from a friend who didn't want it anymore. Never one to say no to makeup, I happily accepted. I've heard and seen Revolution in Superdrug but had never tried anything myself before this... 
Firstly, it retails at £8, yes you read that right, eight pounds! For that reason, I wasn't expecting great things (shame on me!). Nevertheless, I was excited to give it a try.

It's the flawless matte 2 palette, and hence as the name suggests, it features 32 everyday wearable matte eyeshadows- right up my street! I'd say its mainly on the cool toned side, but there are some warmer tones such as the oranges and reds. I first swatched it and was pretty impressed at how pigmented the shadows were. They're not as creamy or buttery as let's say the Huda Beauty palettes, but for the fraction of the price, they're pretty damn good. They blend really well... I often find that lower priced eyeshadows tend to disappear when you blend them but these definitely don't. I also get barely any fall out, a major plus point for me! They last amazingly well too and the huge mirror means its perfect for travelling. And, after doing some research, i've also found it that its vegan and cruelty free, yes Revolution! 

I've only had it for a couple of weeks, but i've already found myself gravitating to a few different shades. I've been using these as transition / crease shades.

I love this shade for my eyebrows.
But my main love for this palette is due to the orange/red shades. I've never really tried these sorta shades before but I have been LOVING creating a coppery, red eyeshadow look for both everyday and for the night. 
Revolution you have a new fan!

Have you tried Revolution makeup before?

Catherine x