This is my first negative blog post and although i don't want to bring the gloom and doom, i really dislike these two products and was extremely disappointed with them. The two products are part of the extra lasting range from avon; the mascara and liquid eyeliner pen. I decided to buy the extra lasting products due to having quite oily eyelids and eye makeup often doesn't last too well.
The mascara applies reasonably well and lengthens the lashes however after only an hour or so my lashes start to clump together so they're not seperated at all and by the end of the day all my lashes are clumped together into around 3 clumps. (overuse of the word clump!) This really is not what you want your eyelashes to look like. It is also extremely difficult to remove and i would often find that in trying to remove it, several lashes would come out. I kept on reusing the mascara, hoping that it would have just been a one off occurrance but it kept on happening no matter what the weather. 

With the eyeliner, it applies a light grey line thats barely noticable rather than the black that its supposed to be. It's also very watery which means it slips and slides after barely anytime and isn't 'extra lasting' at all. Sometimes i think that maybe i have a broken one as surely an eyeliner can't be that bad. 
The 'black' liquid eyeliner 
 I am normally reasonably pleased with avon products but both these products are very disappointing and i wouldn't recommend anyone buying them.