It's fair to say I'm pretty boring when it comes to perfumes. I've repurchased the same one 3 times and practically used that and only that for the past 2 years. 'That' fragrance being Lacoste A Touch Of Pink. I suppose i had got into a rut with my fragrances and i knew it was one that i could always rely on. Whenever i was looking for a new perfume i would spend ages deciding which one to buy, which wouldn't stretch my budget too much and just end up not being able to decide and going for same old Lacoste. Saying all of that i did really love it, i just think that wearing the same perfume practically everyday made me lose by love for it. 

But at Christmas, i said enough's enough! and when asked what perfume i wanted i said i didn't know which, just not Lacoste. So, the job was up to my lovely grandma to pick a perfume for me (who is always great at choosing presents) and by jove did she do a good job! That perfume is Lancome Tresor Midnight Rose.

First of all it comes it comes in quite a simple yet sleek bottle with a magnetic lid and a gorgeous purple flower around the neck that gives it that sexy feel. Now on to the scent, which I've worn almost every day since Christmas and i have received so many compliments of the classic 'ooh you smell nice'. Now I'm rubbish at describing smells so Lancome describe it as a 'captivating scent that blends intense rose and bold blackcurrant notes with vivacious jasmine, peony and pink pepper'. I'd say it's quite a sophisticated perfume that's perfect for a night out or a date as it's got a mysterious feel to it. 

To make sure i don't get into the same perfume rut as before I'm definitely going to be buying more perfumes and hopefully finding some more gems than i can excite over!