It is fair to say i have fallen in love with this palette, everything about it is beautiful! To start off with it comes in a gorgeous case which screams sexy and girly, this alone makes me want to carry it around with me everywhere i go. The actual box with the eye shadows in comes away from the magnetic pouch which also has a reasonably sized mirror. This means that this is perfect for carrying in your handbag with or without your eye shadows as you could store something else in there. Although there is a warning to not store credit cards in it as the magnet in the pouch could demagnetise your cards. 

On to the actual eye shadows which there are 6 of and also a cute little lip gloss in Wall-flower. Urban Decay eye shadows are so soft and pigmented which helps them to blend easily, and the eye shadows in this palette are no different. There are no mattes, only shimmery shadows in the feminine palette too. 

The six shadows are:
- Bordello
- Skimp
- Gunmetal
- Hijack
- Lost

My current favourites in this palette are Bordello and AC/DC which create a girly look, perfect for a date night and especially good for this time of year! Just sweep Bordello across the lid and put AC/DC in the outer corner of the lid and into the crease. Super easy and super cute!

Left to Right:
Bordello, Skimp, AC/DC, Gunmetal, Hijack, Lost