I wrote about this nail varnish briefly in a post about my summer essentials and the other day, when i painted my nails with this colour i fully appreciated how great it is. I don't think I've had so much love for a nail varnish in a long time.

I was in a massive rush and i needed to paint my nails and in rubbish lighting, quickly did a first coat. Despite being ultra quick, i made no mistakes (something that barely happens) and i put it down to the brush. In a only a couple of strokes the nail was done. The colour at this point was good and could of easily been left as it was but in being so quick, i realised i had enough time to do a second coat. After the second coat the colour was really intense and gorgeous and literally straight after painting, i rushed out the door. The nail polish didn't smudge despite carrying several items in my hands and so the drying speed must also be pretty good, perfect for anyone who cant sit still for longer than 2 seconds. I know i always find loads of things i want to do right after painting my nails, which only leads to a disaster! 

I had no time for a top coat yet the finish was glossy and shiny and one of the best things about it, it lasted 5 days without any chipping and still being as shiny as when i first painted them- without a top coat! Say what?! 

I honestly don't want to stop wearing this nail varnish now until the end of summer, its perfect and i love it! Its definitely going to become a long time favourite!