For some reason, i love watching the classic 'whats in my bag' videos on youtube. I think its cos' I'm secretly really nosey. So i thought id try it out, only blogpost style. 
My everyday bag for a good number of months now is this one i actually bought from Avon. I think it was one of those deals they do when if you spend a certain amount you get something else discounted. The figure in my mind is saying £15 however i don't think you can buy it any longer as its not on the Storm website, which is mostly known for its watches. It's a really good bag that goes with any outfit and although it looks small, its like Mary Poppins' bag and my friends are always surprised at how many items i can pull out of it.                                                                 

So, what its in my bag:

  • Purse, purhcased from a little boutique near where i live
  • Galaxy Ripple Wrapper, which was yummy!
  • Ipod (which is actually broken)
  • London Underground tube map, from a little holiday to London in November, oops!
  • Body Shop Born Lippy- Strawberry
  • Rainbow Nerds Lip Balm- nicest tasting thing ever!
  • Tomato Ketchup Sachet (don't know why)
  • Numerous scrunched up bus tickets
  • Empty 5 Instinct chewing gum packet
  • Paracetamol
  • River Island Gift Card
  • Numerous train tickets, some of which are very old
  • Fold out brush with mirror
  • Tram ticket
  • Mirror
  • Avon lipstick- Rouge Luxury
  • Two gummy bears, oh dear
  • Extra strawberry flavoured chewing gum
  • Cheap 'best friend' bracelet my friend got me as a joke
  • Halls soothers (looking rather scraggy)
  • A trusty umbrella

From going through my bag, its clear to see ive got so much rubbish in there and it is now time for a good clear out!