Space and stars is something that really fascinates me. Everything to do with it baffles and amazes me. These past few days I've spent the evenings/ nights stargazing, as for some reason i don't understand, there is increased star activity such as shooting stars over these couple of days every year in august. 
Sitting out until midnight with candles, a blanket and family and friends with Bob Marley's soothing tunes in the background is a great, relaxing way to spend the evening. We got really excited every time we saw a shooting star or a satellite and it really made me appreciate that great company and doing something so simple can be so unbeatable.
If its a clear night, get outside and just gaze at the sky, as there still should be shooting stars and it is something that is so amazing to view.
Hope you didn't mind this geek'd out post and if you do get the chance to watch the night sky, enjoy the show!